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Our clients with amazing progress! The thing is you’ll never out-train a bad diet! If you want to get these results. Get in touch now! We will cut out the guesswork and get you the results you want!


“I love this Gym, the training is very effective , David is so motivating , always in a good mood , the workout is different every day and very entertaining…cant wait to be back”

David Adams

“A cannot recommend flex fitness enough a started going to the gym just over a year and a half ago. I have lost 7 stone 11 pounds and feel so healthy and fit. Never would a have thought a could do a sit up never mind bootcamp”

Louise MacLoed

” joined Flex 6 weeks ago and haven’t looked back! Not only do I feel fitter, i’ve dropped a dress size and feel better in myself. David and his team are really helpful and encourage you to meet your goals.”

Clayre Jane

“5/5 can’t recommend flex fitness enough, from the first day I started David has been brilliant, the classes are top-notch and help and information he gives you has helped me pass all the targets I had set for myself.”

Bryan Taylor

“Started Flex Fitness about a 6 weeks ago and love it! I always get bored in standard gyms but the classes David runs are so varied so I am never bored. David is very motivational pushing you to do that little bit more every class I struggled with a sit up my first week now I’m signed up to do Tough Mudders!!”

Sammy Hutchison

“I’ve done a number of David’s Male Only Bootcamps and really enjoyed the classes and felt the benefits greatly. The structure of each class is so varied, I don’t think I’ve done the same thing twice which keeps things fresh and interest high.”

Darren Wood